Iran Car Rental Service

With an Iran car rental service the hassle of public transportation is easily avoided. Iran Car rental department of Irun2Iran offers you convenient and fast vehicles at lowest rates. We offer many different models to choose from; a list is available below.

Green services is what we care about at Irun2Iran. We understand the environmental impact; that is why we are proud of offering sustainable development car rental service.

Rent a car with Irun2Iran and plan your own road trip around Iran with the privacy of your own vehicle. All the vehicle rates depend on daily route and distance you cover, so don’t hesitate to contact us for the vehicle of your desire.

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  • Best Price Guarantee
  • No Prepayment
  • Some FOC Services
  • Get Discounts on Next Trips
Thanks for your help and for providing us with a great experience.  All the best to you and your future endeavors and hope to make it back again to Iran someday.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends, as I have said before, I really appreciated the way you answered emails promptly and professionally and made the entire experience easy and enjoyable.

I’m writing to tell  you what an unbelievably enjoyable trip you arranged for me. Everything went perfectly. The accommodations were great, especially the quaint traditional guest houses.