The Boroujerdi Historical House is a stunning example of traditional Persian residential architecture located in the city of Kashan, Iran. Built in the late 19th century, this magnificent residence is considered one of the finest of its kind and is a popular tourist destination for visitors to the region.


The Boroujerdi Historical House was commissioned by a wealthy merchant named Haj Seyed Hassan Natanzi, who wanted to create a grand residence for his wife, the daughter of another prominent merchant in Kashan, as a gift. Construction on the house began in 1857 and lasted for almost 11 years, with hundreds of skilled craftsmen and laborers working on the project.


The Boroujerdi Historical House is a masterpiece of traditional Persian residential architecture, with its intricate design and stunning decorations. The house is divided into two main parts: the Andarooni (inner) and Birooni (outer) sections.

The Andarooni is the private living quarters, where the family would reside, entertain guests, and conduct business. It includes winter and summer living rooms, which were designed to provide comfortable living spaces during the different seasons. The summer living room is located in the northern section of the house, where it is cooler, and features a central pool to help keep the room cool. On the other hand, the winter living room is located in the southern section of the house, where it is warmer, and features a fireplace to provide warmth during the colder months.

The Birooni, on the other hand, is the public section of the house, where guests would be received and entertained. It includes the two main courtyards, each with its own pool and fountain, surrounded by rooms and halls that are adorned with exquisite tilework, stucco, and mirror work. The courtyards are covered with domes that allow natural light to enter the house while providing shade and shelter from the elements.

One of the most striking features of the house is its windcatchers, which are traditional Persian architectural elements used to cool the interior of the building. The windcatchers are tall, chimney-like structures that capture the wind and direct it into the house, creating a natural air conditioning system.

Another notable feature of the house is its underground water canal, known as a qanat, which runs underneath the house and provides a constant source of fresh water for the fountains and gardens.

The house also has a separate kitchen building, which was a common feature of Persian residential architecture, as it helped to reduce the risk of fire and smoke damage to the main house.

The interior of the house is just as stunning as the exterior, with intricately carved wooden doors and ceilings, colorful stained glass windows and great plasterwork by the prominent Iranian Painter Sanee Al-Mulk who was Kamal Al-mulk’s uncle. Take part in our guided tours to Boroujerdi Historical House, providing you a nice visit with a deeper understanding of this house’s history and architecture.

Cultural significance

The Boroujerdi Historical House is not only a masterpiece of Persian architecture but also a symbol of the cultural and historical significance of the city of Kashan. The house is a testament to the artistic and architectural skills of the Iranian craftsmen of the late 19th century, who were able to create such a magnificent structure using only traditional building techniques and materials.

The house also serves as a reminder of the vital role that architecture played in Persian culture, not only as a means of shelter but also as a way of expressing the aesthetic and spiritual values of the society.

Last word

The Boroujerdi Historical House is a true gem of Persian architecture and a must-see for anyone interested in the history and culture of Iran. Its intricate design, stunning decorations, and cultural significance make it a unique and valuable part of the country’s heritage.

Visitors to the house can admire the beautiful craftsmanship and learn about the history and culture of the city of Kashan and the country as a whole. The house is a testament to the artistic and architectural skills of the Iranian people and a symbol of their rich cultural heritage.

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