2019 Iran FAM Trip Report

This article is the 2019 Iran FAM trip report. Our company operated an Iran FAM trip. This trip was designed to be suitable for the travel agents, tour leaders and travel bloggers who like to think about Iran as the next destination. To operate this tour at ultimate level, we have been busy sourcing the best hotels, finding the best locations to go for sightseeing and dinning, as well as a number of incredible UNESCO registered monuments to visit.

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2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran FAm trip

When arrive Iran, one can’t help but be taken in by the eastern culture – the hospitable people, different noises and the sights.

As a first-time visitor to Iran in this FAM tour, the travel agents had very little knowledge of expectation about what sort of place Iran might be to visit. In just a few days everyone has fallen in love with so many of the culture and approach to life.

2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran FAM trip

Arriving into Tehran, the participants transferred to the hotel to rest and relax before Tehran city visits start. Some arrived a few days earlier to visit more in Tehran as well as checking a number of hotels in the capital for the upcoming trips.

2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran fam trip

In the first two days of the familiarization trip, we viewed Tehran palaces and incredible museums showcasing the modern city of Tehran. The palaces mostly belong to Pahlavi dynasty but among those we visited Golestan Palace, a UNESCO recognized monument belonging to the Qajar era. We walked a trail in the north of Tehran to socialize with Iranians for a good impact of the country to feel happy and safe. Finally, an hour and a half flight took the group to Shiraz.

2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran FAM trip

On the third morning, the participants opened eyes in the culture and literature capital of the great Persia. Shiraz, the city of roses and nightingales, is home to the most hospitable people. We visited tranquilizing gardens, old bazaar conjuring up the images of one thousand and one nights, the great Persepolis and Hafiz tomb where a Shirazi poet read Hafiz poems in Farsi for us – unique cultural opportunities for a great trip.

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2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran FAM trip

After seeing some city monuments, day 5 was time for a change to see a different side of Iran. The next stop was the highlight of our trip – a visit to the nomads before their migration to the warmer places. After days visiting the modern cities, this off-the-beaten experience of spending one full day with the nomads at their awe-inspiring landscapes was just loved by everyone. “Now I feel more respect towards the strength of nomad people, especially the women” said by one of the participants.

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2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran FAM trip to nomads

Next stop was Yazd and the surrounding area. Accommodation at the old Caravanserai near Yazd called Zeinoddin was arranged for one-night stay. This unique experience was good opportunity to feel the old style of hotels in Iran where Silk Road caravans arrived to rest.

Over the past years Yazd has been built as a city with an exceptionally peaceful and welcoming feel – a lovely place to visit. The group explored the old city among the mud brick and adobe alleys reminding the old times, experienced Persian athletes in zourkhaneh – an old-style gym – and visited the Zoroastrian people during their rituals.

2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran FAM trip hospitality

Then we head to Isfahan known as Nesf-e Jahan – half the world. The word impressive is not enough to associate with this city. Being famous as the city of turquoise domes, Isfahan is dominated by superb Islamic architecture made by the Iranians. Not only Isfahan is famous for the mosques, this city is also home to other religions important sights such as the Vank church. We visited UNESCO registered Naqsh-e Jahan sgaure – the second largest square in the world – and had a dinner with an Iranian family feeling the hospitality of Iranians.

2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran-Fam-trip-isfahan

Iran really is a country of contrasts – a blend of the culture and nature, the history and the current challenges to be modern. This tour finished and everlasting memories remained in the participants minds, but it’s only just getting started and we are excited for the next FAM trips in Iran over the coming years.

2019 Iran FAM trip report, Iran-Fam-trip-picnic

Iran is going to be a wonderful, new and exciting opportunity for all!

Now that you read the 2019 Iran FAM trip report, contact us to request for the next Iran FAM trip if you are a travel agent, tour leader or anyone interested to be active around Iran tourism opportunities.

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