Comprehensive Guide to Get Iran Visa as an Austrian Citizen

Getting visa as the first step of traveling to a new destination can be both stressful and complicated. Nevertheless, when you find the way and follow the correct steps, you can get your visa hassle-free. Talking about Iran, you may find diverse information and finally stay hesitant with taking the decision. As an Austrian passport holder, you may ask “How is that possible to travel to Iran and what are Iran visa requirements?” In this guide, we will explain all you need to know about Iran as a tourist.

We congratulate you for selecting Iran as your next destination. Iran is the country of ancient history, breathtaking architecture, awe-inspiring landscapes and above all welcoming people. So, if you are curious about experiencing the beauty, history, and culture of this land, this article is for you. The first and only sound in your head during your travels in this beautiful country, is that all media message are NOT coming from the truth.

Let us go ahead with the most updated necessities and requirements  to get Iran visa.

Iran visa for canadian citizens

Quick Facts

  1. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 7 months.
  2. Make sure not to have Israeli visa stamp in your passport.
  3. Visa will be granted after 1-2 working days.
  4. Iran visa is valid for 1 month to be picked up at an Iran embassy.
  5. You can pick up Iran visa in 1 working day.
  6. Or you can use mailing service to pick up Iran visa in a week.
  7. Our Iran visa application fee is only €15.
  8. Iran visa pick-up fee for the Austrian is €75.
  9. Iran visa is not stamped in your passport but on a separate paper.
  10. After the visa is tamped, you have three months time to enter Iran.
  11. Austrian nationals are eligible to get Iran visa at Iran international airports.

Iran Visa Process for the Austrian

1.  Visa Application

The needed documents for visa application are:

  • Filled out Iran visa form
  • Your passport scan (first page with the information is enough)
  • Your passport-size photo

As soon as Iran visa is granted, the related document will be sent to you to go into another step.

2. Pick-up Documents

Now it is the time to pick up your visa. Prepare the following items and offer to Iranian consulate:

  • Visa application form
  • Visa grant notice (coming from us)
  • Passport-size photo
  • Passport
  • Visa fee €75
  • Travel insurance

Note: If you prefer to collect Iran visa at an Iranian airport, the travel insurance should be in English language. As an option you can get the insurance from an Iranian insurance agent located at IKA airport.

3. Pick-up Places

You have three below options:

  1. Iran embassies in Vienna, Austria:
    • Address: Jaurèsgasse 9, 1030 Wien, Austria
    • Phone No: +431 7122657-121
    • Working hours: Monday to Friday, from 08:30am to 12:00pm
  2. Iran embassies all around the world: Iran embassies
  3. Iran International airports: You can pick up your visa as soon as arriving to Iran airports.
Iran Visa Online Application

If you want to travel to Iran as an Austrian but have more questions, post a question and we will be pleased to help! 

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