Iran dress code

Women Dress Code

Loose fitting garments such as long shirts or tunics which cover arms and legs to mid-thigh with long sleeves over long pants, jeans, or skirts that completely cover the legs are good suggestions for women tourists to know what to wear. The hair should be covered appropriately as well and scarf is the most common covering.

You’d better enter Iran with a coat and a scarf and select your style by watching the Iranian women in the streets. To enter the holy shrines Chador is needed, it will be given to you upon entrance.


Men Dress Code

Men have to wear long pants or jeans, shorts are not acceptable in public places. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed but shirts with sleeves short or long are acceptable.



  1. Any variety of colors may be worn.
  2. Sandals and flip flops without socks are acceptable for both genders and makes no problem.