Ramadan is a test of faith as the Muslims believe. It is an occasion to remember the poor and cleaning the soul and body. So, no food, no drinks, no smoking are allowed from sunrise to sunset.

It can be an interesting view into Islamic culture especially for the traveler. On the other hand, Ramadan is a good month to travel to Iran as the monuments are empty and the hotels and transportation system have enough space.

Not everybody fast in the Ramadan, plenty of people ignore it. The non-Muslims and travelers are not forced to fast. But it is considered very bad to eat and drink in front of anybody fasting, as a foreigner you are expected to respect the rules.

Here are a few tips for the travelers to Iran during Ramadan:

  • Hotel restaurants are mostly open as the normal days but if it isn’t open, buy something for breakfast to eat in your room.
  • Identify open restaurants, their windows are usually covered by curtain.
  • Carry a small bottle of water and drink it where people won’t see you.
  • Another point is to locate the nearest Armenian district in any city. The Armenians are Christians and restaurants stay open in their area.