Ab-o-Atash Park & Tabiat Bridge, Tehran

AB-o-Atash-Park, Tabiat-Bridge, Perfect place for recreation in Tehran

Today, at Irun2Iran, we are going to show you a gorgeous park in Tehran, Ab-o Atash. A park that gives you a variety of fun and amusement for a memorable evening in the capital in your Iran tour. Let’s discover all its beauties and activities.

The 2.5-hectare Ab-o Atash (meaning Water and Fire) is a modern-designed park in Iran. Ab-o Atash, opened in 2009, is located in Abbas Abad region in the heart of Tehran. It can actually be considered as a complex along with the Nature Bridge, Nowruz Park and Banader Park.

The park has taken its name after two main symbols of purity in ancient Iran, water and fire, both are considered sacred and praiseworthy. These two symbols also have roots deep into the national and religious stories of Iran – from Siavash to Ibrahim. Artistically, Ab-o Atash is host to many stylish sculptures and urban furniture, some of which are inspired by the Persian legends.

Why spend hours in Ab-o Atash Park in Brief?

  • One of the top five parks in Tehran
  • High variety of entertainment and various attractions
  • Walking and cycling trails
  • Best skating rink in Tehran
  • Water fountains and playground for children
  • Nature Bridge, the capital’s third urban symbol, with charming view of Tehran
  • Mina Dome for scientific visits and sky observation for astronomy enthusiasts
  • The Caspian Sea artificial lake providing freshness, tranquility and beauty
  • Numerous food courts, cafes and restaurants
  • Great access from surrounding subways

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AB-o-Atash-Park, Tabiat-Bridge where to meet youth in Tehran

What is Special about Ab-o Atash Architecture and Design?

One of the main reasons for the park’s attraction is its architecture. As the newest park in the heart of Tehran, Ab-o Atash has a modern atmosphere significantly different from other parks in the city that provides suitable environment for a nice relaxing walk.

The architectural aspects that catch attentions are the elements inside the park that could not be found anywhere else in the city. The special design of this recreational area includes few but creative benches, high fire-towers, symbolic metal statues and heavy white curtains resembling the ship sails.

To follow its name, the park has an exclusive area designed for water-playing, alongside four fire-towers which make fire flames as high as 6 to 8 meters, with the whole presentation accompanied by music.

As another feature, symbolic narration of crossing Abraham amid the burning fire is beautifully displayed in metal on the eastern side of the Ab-o Atash Park.

Two Abrisham and Tabiat bridges are other significant constructions connecting Ab-o Atash Park to the nearby parks.

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AB-o-Atash-Park,-Tabiat-Bridge time for relaxing in Iran

Ab-o Atash Park Benches

Like other countries, urban furniture construction in Iran also has entered a creative phase of more than a level surface to sit on. As Debussy says, “Music is silence between the notes” the benches may perform the same silence in city architecture. Ab-o Atash benches are designed both functional and beautiful, two of which are selected in the National Festival of Urban Furniture as creative elements.

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Nature Bridge

Nature (Tabiat in Farsi) bridge is one of the main symbols of the capital. A 270-meter-long three-level pedestrian bridge with a total height of 40 meters offers magnificent view of Tehran. Designed by Leila Araghian, the bridge connects Ab-o-Atash Park to the Banader Park and Taleghani Park over Modares Highway.

In addition to its remarkable design, the bridge is popular for being eco-friendly and earthquake-resistant that turn it to a significant bridge in Middle East and the world.

Restaurants, cafe shops, wooden benches, eye-catching lighting and green space make the view of the bridge more spectacular. The beauty of the Nature Bridge doubles at night as the bridge’s lighting system is turn on. The purple, green, blue, and yellow lights that give way to each other create a unique view of a giant bridge in the heart of the Ab-o Atash Park.

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Entertainment in Ab-o Atash Park

In Ab-o Atash you can have fun for hours. The entertainments are mostly suitable for young people and the ones who are interested in experiencing excitement.

The walking areas are the most important parts of the park’s design. While walking, you will enjoy interesting statues everywhere around.

There is a cinema hall, planetarium, amphitheater, pigeon nests, Caspian artificial lakes, water fountains and fire, towers are other facilities of this park.

Are you interested in the solar system and enjoy seeing celestial objects? If so, be sure to check out the Mina Dome (Gonbad-e-Mina).

For sports lovers, there are skating and skateboarding site, biking and horse-riding routes.

The best place for the young children is the playground in Nowruz Park where they can have fun.

Where to eat in Ab-o Atash Park?

The food court of Ab-o Atash Park will offer you a variety of options. Whatever you like to eat is available there. Traditional Persian food, sea food, fast food, fried food, taco, breakfast, tea or cafe, ice cream and desert are some to mention.

Ab-o Atash Park Contact Information?

Ab-o Atah Park Address: The time to use the Nature Bridge is from 6:00 am to 00:30 am, after which it is not possible to use the bridge.

Phone Number: 02188194574

Easiest Way to Reach Ab-o Atash Park

By Metro: Get off the train at Haqqani Station on Tehran Metro Line 1, walk 15-minute along Haqqani Highway or take a taxi to the park.

By Car: Ab-o Atash Park is accessible from Haqqani, Hemmat, and Modares Highways and Nelson Mandela Boulevard. The main entrance is in the Haqqani Highway.

By Taxi: From Vanak Square several taxi lines pass by the Park.

By Bus: The great Haqqani bus station located near the park is the place through which you can go anywhere in Tehran.

Do you have any experience in this park? Share your thoughts and experiences with Irun2Iran and our readers.

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