10 Reasons to Put Iran on Top of Your Trip List


Reasons to visit Iran is what you search for? The country of Iran is diverse in every aspect, from the landscape to customs or religion. A place free of mass tourism with one of the most spectacular heritages on the planet. In a trip to this country, you will have the opportunity to discover a society that welcomes its visitors with overwhelming hospitality that is still free from mass tourism with one of the most spectacular historical heritages and natural landscapes.

You will read these topics respectively:

  • Wonderful Iranian Hospitality
  • A very Authentic Destination
  • The Spectacular Islamic Architecture
  • The Majestic Before Islam History
  • The Variety of Landscapes
  • Home to UNESCO Sites
  • Traveling to Iran is Affordable
  • Easy Iran Visa
  • Iran is a Super Safe Country
  • Suitable Infrastructure

1. Wonderful Iranian Hospitality

Despite being in the Middle East, Iran is not an Arab country. The country is currently an Islamic Republic and the majority of the population is Muslim but the origin is not Semitic (Arab) but Persian (Indo-European). The language is Farsi, although it is written with the same Arabic alphabet, it is completely different. Iran is a country with unique Persian culture.

Iran is not affected by the mass tourism yet so it caused most Iranians to be happy to find people interested in their country and culture. These really sociable people love to talk to foreigners and one of the first questions is asking how you think of Iran.

People in Iran are calm, hospitable, generous and respectful. When they offer you help, they really don’t expect money in return, nor they try to scam you. Being invited to the homes for a tea or even a meal without expecting anything in return is something common in this country.

You can also read the 7 Top Tips on Visiting Iran written by one of our previous clients reflecting his divergent attitude toward Iran before and after his visit.

2. A Very Authentic Destination

When it comes to traveling, the big plus is that Iran remains super authentic as an unknown country. Everything you see in Iran is as it is, nothing is prepared for the joy of the travelers. Hopefully, more and more people are encouraged to visit Iran, that turn it to be a good reason to insert this country on top of your travels list.

Budget two-week Iran travel itinerary


Iranian people are wonderful

3. The Spectacular Islamic Architecture

If you have ever seen a photo of a mosque in Iran, you will know what we are talking about. One of the reasons of visiting Iran is to delight in the architecture of its mosques. Visiting Iranian mosques’ geometry, colors, ceilings and domes is taking a walk through the history of the Islamic art that will make your jaw drop.

Although the essence of the majority of mosques is similar, yet the different periods is artistically reflected through each one. When you think that is impossible to see other one more beautiful than the one you just visited, you come to one that leaves you speechless. That is the mystery of Iranian Islamic art.


Nasir Almolk Mosque | © MohammadReza Domiri Ganji

4. The Majestic Before-Islam History

If you like history as a reason of travelling, you have to visit Iran with no doubt. Few countries have such a rich past. From being one of the cradles of civilization, it became one of the most important empires in the world. Through this country passed the Silk Road, and conquerors such as Alexander or Genghis Khan.

The earliest known dynasties in Iran date back to about 2800 BC. Knowing the history of the Persian empire and its culture can be the reason of an exciting journey in which you hear the familiar names like Cyrus the Great, King Darius I the Great who built Persepolis or Zarathustra, the prophet of Zoroastrianism. Read an ultimate guide to Persepolis before visiting.


Persepolis | Nations Gate

5. The Variety Of Landscapes

Iran lives not only from precious monuments; it is a huge country with a tremendous variety of landscapes. There is everything from deserts to mountains, islands and beaches that can be strong reasons to put Iran on top of your travel list.

Thanks to its diversity, Iran is well known as the country of 4 seasons. If you like to rest at a beach after a few days skiing, Iran provides you both at the same time.

Gandom Beryan in Lut desert is registered as the hottest point on earth for several years. Damavand peak is the highest volcano in the whole Asia. These are just a few to mention.

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6. Home To UNESCO Sites

After the first three sites in Iran, Tchogha Zanbil, Persepolis and Naqsh-e Jahan square inscribed on the list by the World Heritage Committee, now Iran has over 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Moreover, Iran has more than 50 properties on the tentative list.

If you have considered visiting Iran this year to experience especially the UNESCO registered sites among other cultural treasures, take part in the World Heritage Iran Tour.

7. Traveling To Iran Is Affordable

We assure you that Iran is one of the cheapest countries where you can visit. Of course, like every other destination you can choose to travel expensively or travel cheaply even at the rock bottom.

The range of accommodation may vary from expensive 5-star hotels to cheap hotels or hostels. Transportation can be pretty cheap. Planes are useful for very long distances and comfortable and VIP buses are suitable for shorter distances.

In all cities, you can easily find cheap restaurants for delicious Persian food.

We designed some cheap Iran travel itineraries using traversing between the cities by the means of public buses and train. During these tours, you will feel how the locals travel in Iran.

8. Easy Iran Visa

Getting Iran visa for numerous nationalities is the easiest process of planning a trip. You will get your authorization code before flying to Iran in only 2 working days. This way, there is no chance of getting rejected after you land in the country. Read more about Iran Visa process.

The citizens of US, UK, and Canada can’t get Iran visa without taking part in a guided tour. Read more about Iran visa for the US, UK, and Canada.

iran visa request

9. Iran Is A Super Safe Country

The question that you will be asked the most is whether Iran is a safe country or not. Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and in the world. You will have no problems traveling as a backpacker, neither as a lonely woman.

There is not only no war in Iran, but it is one of the calmest countries where you will visit. You will never hear about robberies. You can walk alone, even at night, with your backpack behind and feel quite safe. If you feel to be lost, there is always someone to help you finding the route.

Of course, we are talking about the most “tourist ” routes. Although the whole country is proud of its safety, the safety guidelines for the remote borders can be stricter.

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10. Suitable Infrastructure

Iran is a country with a great transport network. To move around the city, you can simply use public transport, have in mind that men and women travel in separate parts. In bigger cities like Tehran or Shiraz, as well as the public bus lines there is a metro network too.

Taxi is also another affordable option which are divided into zones.  There may be drivers who stop and after checking your address may not match theirs, they pass you by. It is better to discuss about the rate before taking the trip.

Iran must be one of the countries in the world with the cheapest domestic flights and a perfect, comfort and secure bus and train frequency for the travelers. As a vast country, the distances are sometimes enormous to travel from one end of the country to the other, so if you do not have much time or simply for comfort, it is worth flying at some point in the trip. You can book your flight tickets from abroad or book it through a local travel agency once you get here.

Whatever your experience in Iran is, we are sure that it will be a trip that will change something in you. And surely, when you return, you can’t wait to return.

Now tell us, what would you like to know about traveling to Iran?

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