Persian Calendar

The Persian calendar is a solar calendar. A year of the Persian calendar has 12 months, the first six months have 31 days, the next five have 30 days, and the last month has 29 days or 30 days in leap years.

The Persian year starts at vernal equinox. Usually, on 21 March of the Gregorian calendar, the Persian year begins with 1 Farvardin. To find the corresponding year of the Gregorian calendar, add 621 or 622 to a Solar year.

The order, names, and lengths of Persian Months can be seen in the following table:

1 31 days Farvardin فروردین
2 31 days Ordibehesht اردیبهشت
3 31 days Khordad خرداد
4 31 days Tir تیر
5 31 days Mordad مرداد
6 31 days Shahrivar شهریور
7 30 days Mehr مهر
8 30 days Aban آبان
9 30 days Azar آذر
10 30 days Dei دی
11 30 days BAhman بهمن
12 29/30 days Esfand اسفند


Annual Holidays

In the Iranian calendar, every week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. In most Islamic countries, Friday is the weekly holiday. In the below-mentioned holidays, which are mostly religious, all the historical sites and museums are not working. 

Occasion 2015 2016
Demise of Imam Khomeini 4-5 June 4-5 June
Martyrdom of Imam Ali 8 July 26 June
Martyrdom of Imam Jafar 10 Aug 30 July
Tasooa and Ashoora 22-23 October 10-11 October
Arba’in 2 November 20 November
Demise of Prophet 10 December 28 November