The Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) also known as the Iranian cheetah is a critically endangered animal. It can only be found in Iran which lives mainly in the vast central desert (Dasht-e Kavir) in fragmented pieces of remaining suitable habitat. They most live in five sanctuaries: Kavir National Park, Khar Touran National Park, Bafq Protected Area, Daranjir Wildlife Reserve, and Naybandan Wildlife Reserve.


This cousin of the African cat with dominance from the Red Sea to India, now shrinks in number to an estimated 50 animals remaining in Iran.

African cheetahs are also a threatened species, with an estimated 10,000 adults remaining.


Iran is now trying to save this species and bring it back from the extinction in its last remaining refuge. To save this species from extinction, a few orphaned cubs have raised in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge and Khar Touran National Park in semi-captive breeding situation with wire fencing all around. Kushki is the male cub who lives in captivity in a 13 hectare enclosure in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge specifically made for him. Delbar is the name of the female cub living in Khar Touran national park.


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