Sabalan (4,811 m) an inactive volcano is located in Meshkinshahr, west of Ardabil in NW Iran. It can be easily observed while traveling on the road to Sarein. Sabalan is the third highest mountain and after Damavand is the second highest volcano in Iran. Dating back to millions of years ago, Sabalan is a quite old volcano. It has been active until 10,000 years ago.

One of the beauties of Sabalan mountain is a permanent lake which has been formed at the summit. This lake is crystal frozen for most of the year except one or two months in summer.

The other attractions are a ski resort called Alvares and hot and cold springs with curative effects which flow on the slopes of this mountain such as the Sarein spa. Moreover, there are many nomadic people with their round tents called Yurt.

As Sabalan is volcanic, the sculptures resembling animals, birds and insects can be seen in the rocks. The most magnificent one is an eagle statue which is gazing over and seems controlling over the mountain from atop.

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