Advices for visiting Iran and select hotel

Question: I plan to visit Tehran at the end of July and like to have information about Iranshahr Hotel and Laleh International Hotel.

I also want to know some info on what can I do to experience the night life after work, where to go, what to do, where to find some drink …

Thanks in advance for any help or information.



Iranshahr is a three-star hotel in the central part of Tehran and one of the oldest and most experienced hotels in Iran. This hotel has access to all important places in Tehran such as the bazaar, airport, passenger terminals, railways, places of interest and museums, most of the ministries and central offices. On the other hand, Laleh is the five-star International Hotel located in one of the best areas of Tehran, next to Laleh Park with access to historical and scenic attractions and the main streets of the city.

Sightseeing and Nightlife in Tehran:

To experience a good nightlife in Tehran we have a few suggestions for  you to try one of these:

  1. Si-e Tir street is not only notable in terms of urban beauty, but this street is a perfect place to try diverse street food in Tehran.
  2. Water and Fire (Ab-o-atash) Park is a newly-built park in Tehran, which has a different and modern atmosphere. While enjoying view of Tehran from the Tabiat (nature) bridge you can use restaurant, cafe, food court, amphitheater, skating rink and other recreational places.
  3. Azadi Square is always full of people and passers-by! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. In addition to its beautiful tower, Azadi Square has its own hustle and bustle. Enjoy all the interior and exterior attractions of Azadi Tower and the street food around the area.
Tour TypeTour NameHighlightsDeparturesPrice
Iran Budget ToursIran Budget Tour 7 daysTehran ⇒ Isfahan ⇒ ShirazEvery Saturday€590
Iran Budget Tour 9 daysTehran ⇒ Isfahan ⇒ Shiraz ⇒ YazdEvery Saturday€670
Iran Budget Tour 13 daysTehran ⇒ Isfahan ⇒ Shiraz ⇒ Kerman, Rayen, Mahan ⇒ YazdEvery Saturday€850
Iran Cultural ToursIran Cultural Tour 8 days
Tehran ⇒ Shiraz, Persepolis ⇒ Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan Every Saturday€750
Iran Cultural Tour 12 daysTehran ⇒ Shiraz, Persepolis ⇒ Zeinoddin, Yazd ⇒ Isfahan, Abyaneh, KashanEvery Saturday€990
Iran Cultural Tour 14 daysTehran ⇒ Shiraz, Persepolis ⇒ Kerman, Bam, Mahan, Rayen ⇒ Zeinoddin, Yazd ⇒ Isfahan, Abyaneh, KashanEvery Saturday€1290
Iran Cultural Tour 15 daysTehran ⇒ Ahvaz, Shush, Shushtar ⇒ Shiraz, Persepolis ⇒ Zeinoddin, Yazd ⇒ Isfahan, Kashan ⇒ Mashhad, NeishabourEvery Saturday€1230
Iran World Heritage Tour 17 daysTehran ⇒ Ardebil ⇒ Tabriz, Kandovan, Maku ⇒ Zanjan ⇒ Hamadan ⇒ Kermanshah ⇒ Susa, Shushtar, Ahvaz ⇒ Kazerun, Shiraz, Persepolis, Pasargadae ⇒ Zeinoddin Caravanserai, Yazd ⇒ Isfahan, Abyaneh, KashanEvery Saturday
May to October
Iran Combined Tours Iran-Afghanistan Tour 16 days
Adventure, Photography
Tehran ⇒ Shiraz, Persepolis ⇒ Isfahan ⇒ Mashad ⇒ Herat ⇒ Kabul ⇒ BamianUpon Request
Iran Desert Tours 13 Days Iran Desert TourTehran ⇒ Damghan ⇒ Desert ⇒ Nain ⇒ Meibod, Chak Chak, Kharanaq, Yazd ⇒ Shiraz, Persepolis ⇒ Isfahan, Abaneh, KashanUpon Request€1080
Iran Mountain ToursDamavand in 3 Days
Tehran ⇒ Damavand ⇒ TehranUpon Request€360
Damavand in 5 DaysTehran ⇒ Damavand ⇒ TehranUpon Request€450
Damavand in 6 DaysTehran ⇒ Damavand ⇒ TehranUpon Request€530
Hiring a Car in Iran
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