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Being known as K2, Mount Alam-kuh (4836m), is the second highest peak in Iran after Damavand. Both located in Alborz Mountain Range.

Mount Alam-kuh is located in North mountain range in Mazandaran province. It is about 5 hours drive from Tehran to Kelardasht, the nearest city.

Mount Alam-kuh is most famous for its north face wall which creates the highest and most technical route for climbing in Iran. The 800m high, steep granite north face provides some of the most difficult and interesting climbing routes in Iran that attracts great number of European climbing teams.

There are 2 routes to the peak:

  1. South face: the mountaineering route which passes Hesar Chal to the peak.
  2. North face: the technical route of climbing 800m wall starting from 4200m passing Alam Chal.

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Day 1: Leave Tehran.

  • Drive from Tehran to Kelardasht.
  • Stay overnight.

Day 2: Trekking to Hesar Chal.

  • Drive a few kms.
  • Start trekking to Hesar Chal Base camp.
  • Set up camp and stay overnight.

Day 3: Acclimatization Day

  • Trekking to 4000m to get acclimatized.
  • Return to base camp at 3750m.
  • Stay overnight.

Day 4: Conquer the Peak

  • Conquer the peak.
  • Return to base camp.
  • Stay overnight.

Day 5: Return to Tehran

  • Drive to Kelardasht.
  • Drive to Tehran.

Day 1: Leave Tehran. 

  • Drive from Tehran to Kelardasht.
  • Drive to Roudbarak.
  • Stay overnight.

Day 2: Trek to Alam Chal

  • Start trekking to Alam Chal at 4050m.
  • Set up camp.
  • Stay overnight.

Day 3: Acclimatization

  • Do acclimatization practices.
  • Practice and test the equipments.
  • Check and select a route foe climbing.

Day 4 & 5: Climbing

  • Climb to the peak through one of the routes.
  • Return to camp.

Day 6: Drive to Tehran

  • Descend to Roudbarak.
  • Drive to Kelardasht and finally to Tehran.


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