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Damavand (5671 meters/18606 feet) is the highest MT in Iran, the highest volcano in Asia and the highest conical peak in the world.

Among the professional mountaineers, this Mount is considered as the stairs of Himalaya. Damavand has a number of natural glaciers, among those the biggest and longest glacier of Iran is located in this mountain.

The volcano last erupted about 7300 years ago, but it still emits dangerous sulphuric fumes strong enough to kill animals and human being. So, it is suggested for the first-timers to use a guide.

Being located in central Alborz chain, there are 16 routes up Damavand but the peak is reachable though 4 main routes.

  • South face
  • North face
  • North east face
  • West face

Among those, the most normal and less technical route goes through the South face known as the classic route. This route is taken by the majority of mountaineers.

However, shelters are available along all the routes, the biggest and most equipped one is located in Bargah Sevom (Camp 3) along the South route.

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Our specialists are at the heart of DAMAVAND as a destination. They are all professional climbers and guides so you can enjoy your adventure.

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