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iran tour reviewThank you Irun2Iran! we had a great holiday – now its back to work.
 Iran has been in the news here again – and again for the wrong reason – but i think that the more people come and see your beautiful country – they will see Iran for what it truly is.
i have to compliment your tour guides. all of them were very good and knowledgeable But i think i should highlight their strengths so that you may be better able to match them to tourists. :
1. Maryam in Tehran – most friendly – made us feel at ease. great personality and not pushy at all. she was very respectful of our needs. we were very comfortable with her. the bonus was that she had a wealth of knowledge. enjoyed her company
2. Omid in Esfahan – very easy going and helpful.took good care of us. Greatest strength was his knowledge in the field of Restoration. he showed us many things regarding restoration that we would not have seen. really appreciated seeing it through the eyes of someone who had worked on the palaces/ buildings etc. it was very personal and we loved it.
3. Rambod in Shiraz. This was our father figure because his greatest strength was the care and concern that he had for us. eg – he was waiting for over an hour to meet us at the bus stop on our arrival . He ran to the bus with our name laminated on a board – this was such a great relief (especially after esfahan arrival). He drove us to hotel and would not leave until we were safely in our room. Same with our return- even though the flight was delayed – he waited – until late at night – until we boarded. We told him to leave but he said that we were his guest and that this was his duty. – really great service.
so as far as your guides were concerned – i will recommend all.
 i also loved the Dinner in esfahan – this made the trip personal – and we got to see and taste traditional Iranian cuisine- Appreciated this.
other than that- we are very happy. we think that we have received really good value for the money we paid – so thank you.
Hotels – all were good value for money. the ones in Esfahan and Shiraz had the best locations
 Finally – i must say that the one thing that i appreciated the most was the feeling that you cared about us- that you were interested in our wellbeing – because you had phoned all the hotels and guides that we were with. although we only met you at the end – i felt that you were checking on us all the time – this is really good. thank you
Shabier, Oct 2014
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