Dress code in Iran and What to see?

Dress code in Iran and What to see?


I am half Iranian and I will go to Iran with my grandfather for two weeks to visit Tehran and Tabriz. Can anyone recommend places that I should know?

Also, the situation for women’s clothing has completely calmed down, given the circumstances that I understand, but I like to know more. And I know it’s going to be 40 degrees, is there any hope of sunbathing in those areas for tanning, private gardens or something?

Can I take my ipod to listen to music? Apparently listening to foreign music is illegal – can you advise on this?


Listening to your iPod should be good. You can freely use it even in a public place 🙂

Places to see? In Tehran you can spend your time in the northern part of the city. There is a clock museum there that is very interesting. Tajrish is a must see. This district is attractive and full of old markets and traditional shopping malls. Tochal and Darband are convenient places to walk, rest and drink / eat along the way. Or you can either visit the museums and the palace in the center of the city. Spend time in lots of cafes that can be find almost everywhere.

The women’s dress code is a little relaxed. You are expected to cover your hair with a scarf. The ladies usually wear their scarves a bit looser and show their hair. Makeup is very popular with Iranian youth. Long-sleeved dress and long pants or skirt are suitable. Don’t worry too much about clothes. Read more about women dress code in Iran.

As for sunbathing, you can sunbath in private on the terrace inside or you can use your grandfather’s or other friends and family gardens. There are also women’s beaches along the Persian Golf or the Caspian Sea.

Enjoy your stay !!!

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Dress code in Iran and What to see?
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