Kish Island Questions


I have some questions about Kish Island. Can you please tell me about any experience or opinions about this Island in Iran. I would like to know about hotels (especially Dariush Hotel). How much is the hotel per night?

How can i get there from Dubai? How is transportation, restaurants, etc.

With your help I am grateful

Answer: Kish is a fantastic island and you will surely enjoy a trip to this island. Read more about An Ultimate Guide to Kish Island

Visa: The good part of traveling to Kish is that you need no entry visa. At Kish Airport, the officials take your photograph and fingerprints allowing you to stay up to 14 days on the Island. You may be asked about the purpose of your visit. Make sure to bring all verification paperwork including hotel reservations. Read more about Iran visa.

Transportation: In Kish Island transportation is done by modern air conditioned taxi or bus, so you’ll have no problem there.

Food: In order to have the best memories of this trip, it is good to try the delicious food in the best restaurants in Kish. We introduce you to the best restaurants in Kish based on TripAdvisor ranking.

Kooh Noor Restaurant
Burger & Potato Time
Mirmohana Restaurant
Foodland Restaurant Kish
Havari Restaurant
Shandiz Safdari Restaurant
TuttiFruitti Restaurant
Lavazza Cofeehouse
Parmis Plus Restaurant Cafe
Khaneh Sokhari (Fried Chicken House)

Hotel: The 5 star Dariush Hotel located within a short drive from the fantastic clean shores of Kish Island is a modern hotel with luxury atmosphere and stylish decoration. Read More about Kish Hotels.

Flight: Kish air has weekly flies from/to Dubai to/from Kish.

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Kish Island Questions - Iran visa
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